People who have found this site and enjoyed what they have seen have often asked these questions.

Do you sell your cards?


Most often I give them away in small packs to family and friends or singly as a special thank you to somebody. I have sold some in the past but as I'm being asked this question more often I'm more willing to consider it now.

If you particularly like something that you see please feel free to email your interest. As they are all individually handmade and vary in the length of time to make they will vary in price from NZ$7 to NZ$10. If you let me know the card number/s I'll quote you a price including postage.

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Can you show me how to make them?


I have run small classes in the past and am happy to do so again but I live in Nelson New Zealand so unless you are local it will be difficult.

If you live in Nelson feel free to email your interest and I'll see what we can do.

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What size are the cards?

The cards are all A6. They fit in a standard C6 envelope (115mm X 162mm).

They are usually made with 220gsm weight card but never less than 210gsm.

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Is there any writing inside?


But sometimes I'm asked specifically to add some, calligraphically.

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Where do you get your origami models?

I fold all the origami models myself.

I get the paper and other materials wherever I can and am always on the lookout for suitable models for my cards.

I've found diagrams by searching libraries and bookstores through Australia and New Zealand over the past ten years.
These days the internet can be a good source.

I spend many happy hours folding.

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Do you sell packs of materials for the DIY card maker?

Not normally.

I have done in the past when I have given some classes but generally prefer just to make the cards myself.

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